Monday, October 31, 2011

Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 Is Selling The Fight Out

The third fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez should be another event that will gross a lot of bucks this year. Well the pay-per-view broadcast on November 12 is expected to help too. Boxing enthusiasts consider their first two fights as odds and it might seem this coming fight is also odd to them. Who knows.

Pacquiao vs Marquez 1 was a dramatic one with a controversial draw where Pacquiao knocked down Marquez in the first round three times and Marquez were able to adjust to it later on.

The second fight which took place three-and-a-half years ago was another odd battle with a split decision from the judges giving Pacquiao a one point lead against Marquez to claim the victory.

The third fight is expected to be a decisive battle between the two fighters and some folks are expecting that this match will sell easy. The promotional staff is so sure that the pay-per-view broadcast of Pacquiao-Marquez 3 will pull in tens of millions of dollars this time as this is a big fight between two great fighters in the boxing ring.

The main promotional vehicle for Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 is HBO's "24/7" series which features scenes from the training camp of both parties as both of them prepare before the match on November 12.

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